Here's 20 Ways You Can Use PLR

Add it into a paid membership site - Charge a monthly fee!

Add links and articles to the products - increase commissions on sales

Add your byline to the products - share with other bloggers or even do guest blogging to create quality backlinks and traffic.

Brand everything as yours - increase your authority.

Combine all the content - Create pillar content blog posts.

Convert the content into podcasts - Profit from that medium

Convert the product chapters into podcasts - Create your own show

Create a coaching program from the material - and charge premium prices.

Create a monthly paid newsletter - Add it as an upsell to another offer.

Create a webinar from the content - pitch a mid-ticket related affiliate product.

Create lead magnets from the content - build your email list!

Create videos based on the material - upload them to all video sharing sites.

Develop a members only portal - Provide special training and charge a monthly fee.

Establish yourself as THE authority of choice - Build your reputation in your niche.

Make an eBook out of segments of the content - sell it and keep 100% of profits.

Monetize everything with your own specific affiliate links - share online.

Translate the material to a foreign language - create an authority site in other languages, so very few are doing this, you know.

Turn each chapter into a video article - Create video series

Use it as niche training in your seminars or webinars - Charge premium prices.

Use it on your authority sites - Build individual brand

Use it to train your VAs - profit faster!

Post articles or chapters, or parts of articles or chapters, to your blog on a regular basis. - The search engines will love it, and your followers will also, causing them (along with the new readers) to come back over and over (and of course you'll want to monetize those posts somehow!